ITHACA Dynamic simulation ITHACA Dynamic simulation

ITHACA® is an emerging, powerful and intuitive dynamic simulation tool that Core uses to improve flowsheet designs and operational processes; increase efficiency and reduce costs. Core has established an affiliation with Element Process Technology, developer of ITHACA software, allowing Core to have unique, in-depth knowledge of the simulator technology.

What is ITHACA?

ITHACA is a process plant modelling and dynamic simulation tool that allows users to make confident decisions based on technical evidence. Dynamic simulation of flowsheets and unit operations highlights transient behaviour that is often of fundamental importance to process operability, safety and project economics.

How? Process flowsheets are created via an intuitive graphical interface. Chemistry and process controls are configured and the simulation is run to provide both onscreen results and detailed Excel data outputs, allowing users to compare scenarios and optimise a design for the real world.

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Why we use ITHACA

The ITHACA application embodies a new approach for delivering dynamic simulation capability to process engineers, chemical engineers and metallurgists around the world. The main characteristics that draw users to ITHACA are:


Using basic building blocks, users create the equipment models relevant to them.


ITHACA is priced to appeal to individual consultants and small engineering groups.

Easy to use

All modelling is conducted via an intuitive graphical user interface – no coding required.


Customisable flowsheet icons and simulation graphics allow efficient communication of complex ideas.

Batch pressure oxidation autoclave model

Stepped oxygen pressure and process response

ITHACA applications

Using ITHACA simulation software, Core has resolved critical questions to improve operational safety and reduce project risk.


Core operates a 19 litre temperature-controlled batch autoclave for HPAL, POX and other high-pressure testwork applications. When a client requested pressure oxidation testwork on a high-density pyrite slurry concerns were raised over the capacity of the autoclave cooling system to maintain a safe temperature. In response Core prepared an ITHACA model of the autoclave and chemistry, and simulated the system under various regimes of oxygen overpressure.

Simulation confirmed that the cooling system was heat transfer area-limited under these conditions. Further simulation developed a series of stepped oxygen overpressure set-points that maintained reaction heat generation within the capacity of the cooling system while also maximising the overall rate of oxidation. The testwork program was successfully completed on this basis.

Dynamic simulation services

Core offers a range of solutions and services to ensure our clients achieve maximum business value from ITHACA and dynamic simulation. Our lead simulation consultant is an ITHACA expert, qualified in process engineering and mathematics with operational experience and a deep understanding of process plant modelling.

ITHACA training

Core offers training in the use of ITHACA, helping process engineers, chemical engineers and metallurgist to understand and apply innovative simulation techniques without having to outsource the task.

Core is committed to providing cost-effective and quality training in the use of ITHACA, delivering both standard and tailored courses.

Please contact us for an obligation-free ITHACA demonstration or to discuss your training requirements.

Simulation consulting service

Some clients prefer to hand over simulation tasks to Core and benefit from our modelling expertise, backed by a magnitude of process improvement and operational experience. Core can build dynamic models and provide expert analysis of simulation outcomes, summarised in a professional report.

Get in touch to discuss your project or see more information about our dynamic simulation service.