Albion Process Albion Process

The Albion Process

The Albion Process™ is a simple process for treating refractory concentrates.  The process was developed in 1994 at Core’s laboratories (then Hydrometallurgy Research Laboratories, owned by MIM/Glencore) and is patented worldwide by Glencore.

Simplicity in Leaching

The Albion Process™ is a combination of ultrafine grinding and oxidative leaching at atmospheric pressure. The feed to the Albion Process™ is refractory base or precious metal concentrates. The sulphides in the feed are oxidised and liberated, allowing the target metals to be recovered by conventional means.

All testwork programmes (globally) for the Albion Process™ are conducted at Core’s laboratories in Brisbane, Australia, under license from Glencore.

There are five Albion Process™ plants currently in operation. Three plants treat a zinc/lead sulphide concentrate and are located in Spain, Germany and Australia. Two Albion Process™ plants treat refractory gold concentrate at the Las Lagunas operation (Dominican Republic) and at the Zod/Ararat operation (Armenia).

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Flythrough of GPM’s Zod Albion Process Gold plant now in operation in Armenia.

Panterra Gold’s Albion Process Operation in Dominican Republic


Publication List

530 Kb – Ramp-up and long-term performance of the Albion Process™ plant at GeoProMining Gold Armenia

283 Kb – CORE Albion Process Flyer 2018

408 Kb – Albion Process

279 Kb – The Albion Process for Mixed Zinc/Copper Concentrates

521 Kb – The Albion Process for Refractory Copper Concentrates

543 Kb – The Albion Process for Refractory Gold

543 Kb – The Albion Process for Zinc Concentrates



Español (Spanish)

408 Kb – El Proceso Albion

701 Kb –  El Albion Process para concentrados Zinc Copper mixtos

521 Kb –  El Porceso Albion para concentrados Refractarios de Cobre

543 Kb –  El Proceso Albion para oro refractario

543 Kb –  El Proceso Albion para concentratos de Zinc


Pусский (Russian)


163 Kb –  Технология Альбион

330 Kb –  Технология Альбион для смешанных цинково-медных концентратов

267 Kb –  Технология Альбион для упорных медных концентратов

246 Kb –  Технология Альбион для упорного золота

332 Kb –  Технология Альбион для цинковых концентратов



206 Kb –  Преимущества использования Технологии Альбион для проекта в Северном Квинсленде с анализом капитальных и эксплуатационных затрат по сравнению с бактериальным окислением и автоклавным окислением

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