Metallurgical Testwork Management Metallurgical Testwork Management

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Targeted Testwork

The engineering group’s close relationship with Core’s metallurgical testwork laboratory allows both management of the metallurgical testing as well as the subsequent process engineering component to be conducted in-house. This differentiates Core from other metallurgical engineering groups. By joining process engineering and metallurgical testwork, Core can ensure that metallurgical programmes are tightly managed and drive out the specific engineering requirements of our clients’ project.
Well designed and executed metallurgical testwork programmes can save a project millions of dollars over its life by avoiding pursuit of unviable technical options and ensuring that the data obtained is robust and bankable.

Core’s engineering group

can provide:

  • Assistance in understanding the ore zones and lithologies of the deposit being studied (more recently termed as “geometallurgy”).
  • Guidance on sample selection and sample management for your testwork program.
  • Design, management and analysis of laboratory, batch and pilot scale testwork programs.
  • Project management of the testwork program, including management of quality, cost and schedule.

  • Interpretation of testwork results including recommendations for testwork modifications.
  • Technical reviews of the testwork program to evaluate or conduct due diligence reviews of metallurgical testwork results.
  • Design and construct specialised process equipment required for your testwork campaign.