The Albion Process The Albion Process
The Albion Process™ was developed at Core’s Albion facilities (previously owned by MIM/Xstrata) during the early 1990’s, and is a combination of ultrafine grinding, and oxidative leaching at atmospheric pressure. It is a highly effective process for the treatment of a wide range of sulphide based metal and precious metal concentrates, for precious and base metal recovery. For more, see the Albion Process section of this website.

Testwork for Global Programmes

All currently operating Albion Process plants worldwide, began with testwork and pilot scale programmes at Core and we are fully equipped to carry out all aspects of Albion Process testwork. At Core there is a continuous flow of Albion testwork programmes, ranging from simple orientation programmes to large scale pilot plant studies. Our project managers have extensive experience in Albion Process testwork, and specialist technicians are trained to carry out high quality testwork.

Selected project experience:

Wafi Gold Project, Morobe Mining Joint Venture, Papua New Guinea
McArthur River Project, Xstrata Zinc/Technology, Northern Territory
Zod Gold Project, GeoProMining, Armenia
Las Lagunas Gold/Silver Project, PanTerra Gold, Dominican Republic
Certej Gold/Silver Project, European Goldfields, Romania

Albion Process: Ultrafine Grinding

All testwork relevant to the design of ultrafine grinding circuits, specifically IsaMill™ circuits can be carried out at Core. The laboratory is equipped with M4 and M1 IsaMill™ chambers, with operators certified by Glencore Technology. The power consumption is recorded with each grind to produce the IsaMill™ Signature Plots. This data allows modelling and scaling of power consumption for the design of plant IsaMill™ installations. Samples may be ground to target sizes or target energy consumptions in accordance with the project’s scope of work.

Sample quantities from 1 kg (single test) to 500 kg+ (pilot scale) can be finely ground on site at Core. The operation is supported by accurate sizing and viscosity determination by using a Malvern Mastersizer 2000 (laser diffraction particle size analyser) and Bohlin Viscometer, respectively.

Albion Process: Oxidative Leaching

Characterisation work, used to determine Albion Process leach conditions, is carried out at Core. This data is used by Glencore Technology and Albion Process Pty Ltd to determine leach conditions for an Albion Process testwork programme, which can be carried out at Core.

Testwork equipment is on site for 10 L scale and 50 L scale tests. Pilot plant equipment is also on hand at Core. Alternatively, we can supply custom built equipment for particular process requirements. Pilot programmes are often approximately 3 to 4 weeks in duration, treating around 10 to 15 kg per day.

Assays and all downstream recovery process testwork, including cyanide leach, SX/EW and precipitation testwork can be carried out at Core, though third party assay laboratories may also be used where preferred or to confirm reference samples.