Pressure Leaching Pressure Leaching
Core has extensive experience in testwork relating to pressure oxidation and pressure leaching processes. Core has a range of autoclaves on site, including Parr’s largest laboratory autoclave, an 18.75 L unit, with full digital control  Test programmes carried out at Core include pressure acid leaching of Nickel and Scandium bearing ores, pressure oxidation of Arsenic bearing leach liquors and pressure oxidation of gold bearing flotation concentrates. Testing capabilities relating to upstream processes (sample preparation, flotation) and downstream processes (solvent extraction, cyanide leaching) are also available.

Our Equipment

Equipment available for this kind of testwork includes:

  • 2, 10 and 18.75 L electrically heated pressure autoclaves
  • Titanium and stainless steel reactor inserts
  • High pressure reagent injection systems
  • Data logging capability (18.75 L autoclave only)
  • Blast room containment

For pressure oxidation in particular, hrltesting enjoys unrivalled expertise in the area of chemical analyses for sulphur species (elemental sulphur, sulphide and sulphate).

Selected project experience:

Hillgrove Antimony/Gold Mine Project, Straits Resources, New South Wales
Lihir Gold Project, Newcrest Mining, Papua New Guinea