Crystallisation Precipitation Crystallisation Precipitation

Crystallisation and Precipitation

Core Group has many years of experience in crystallisation and chemical process development. We have expertise in optimising the crystallisation process by carefully controlling conditions such as temperature, supersaturation, agitation speed, pH and residence time. The laboratory has conducted several continuous crystallisation and precipitation pilot plants and carried out design testwork for some of Australia’s largest companies.

Available facilities and equipment include:

  • Stainless Steel, glass and HDPE batch ‘atmospheric pressure’ crystallisation tanks
    in sizes from 1 to 300 L
  • Ancillary heating equipment including band heaters, heating jackets and 300 kW electric boiler
  • 24 L high-temperature vacuum crystalliser
  • Laser diffraction particle size analyser

Selected project experience:

Copper and Cobalt Continuous Multi-stage Pilot, Xstrata Copper, Northwest Queensland
Scandium Precipitation Pilot, Metallica Minerals, North Queensland
Continuous Alkaline Leach of Arsenic from Copper Concentrate (Pilot), Xstrata Copper, Philippines
Continuous Crystallisation Plant, Australian Magnesium Corp., Central Queensland