Bacterial Leaching Bacterial Leaching
Core has extensive experience in testwork relating to bacterially assisted leaching of base metal sulphide and refractory gold ores.
Test programmes carried out have included use of a range of bioreactors for oxidation of concentrates and aerated columns for heap leach simulation studies.

Equipment available for this type of testwork includes:

  • Agitated reactors ranging from 5 L to 250 L capacity with full instrumentation for ORP and temperature monitoring and control
  • Aerated columns ranging from 150 to 300 mm ID and allowing up to 6 m ore height
  • Hot water jacketed columns for column leach tests
  • Video counting stage and MPN bacterial counting equipment
  • 120 m3 constant temperature room with DCS temperature control

Core’s bacterial leaching programmes have been carried out for MacArthur River Zinc bioleach, Mt Isa Copper heap leach and various Chalcopyrite bioleaching projects.

Selected project experience:

Mt Isa Copper Heap Leach Project, Xstrata Copper, Australia
Mt Watson Project, Matrix Metals, Queensland
Lady Annie Project Heap Leach Project, Copper Co., Northwest Queensland