Pilot Metal Recovery Pilot Metal Recovery
Core provides metal recovery pilot trials for our clients using a range of technology solutions including solvent extraction, electrowinning, precipitation and crystallisation.  Often our clients require a final product to be generated from their pilot trial that can demonstrate the full process and assist with marketing the project to investors and customers.  Core can provide a final metal or crystal product generated from a hydrometallurgical process.

Core’s equipment is extensive and includes:

Solvent Extraction 4 x 60 L batch units
6 x 18 L mixer, 110 L settler units
Automated SX pilot unit for continuous SX
Electrowinning 1- 10 amp & 150 & 600 amp cells
1.5 kA Rectifier
8 kA Rectifier
EW Cells up to full scale.
Dedicated transformer supply to building.
Ion Exchange Wide range of resins, pumps and column sizes.
Crystallisation, Precipitation, Metathesis & Cementation Wide range of tanks, heaters, pumps and related equipment.
1.4 m Ø standard thickener with rakes
11 plate 470 x 470 Netzsch Plate & Frame filter
0.3 m2 pilot scale DrM Fundabac filter
0.6 m2 pilot scale TH Minerals filter
Full digital monitoring and control. 


Core can also conduct research and development programmes for new metal recovery processes or improvements to existing technologies.  Recent programmes include testing of new acid mist control technologies for electrowinning cells.


Metal recovery options include:

  • Solvent Extraction & Electrowinning
  • Precipitation
  • Crystallisation
  • Metathesis

  • Cementation
  • Ion Exchange
  • Purification