Conducting Pilots at Core Conducting Pilots at Core

We welcome you to get to know Core and evaluate our suitability for your project. 

Evaluating Core

We welcome visits from clients or interested parties to view our facilities and discuss the technical aspects of your project with Peter Rohner (CEO) or Dr Duncan Turner (GM – Technology) or one of our other senior staff members. We will be happy to provide detailed input on conducting a pilot programme at Core.

Getting to Core

Core’s facilities are located close to the Brisbane Airport and the Brisbane CBD – 10 minutes from each.  We are ~100 m from the Albion train station, 10 minutes from the city, enabling ease of access for out of state visitors staying in the Brisbane CBD.

Accessing and Monitoring Testwork

Core has an open-door policy with clients during the execution of their programmes. Client representatives are welcome to be present at pilot plants with the Project Lead at any stage of the programme.  A desk and other clerical assistance can be provided.

Third Party Testwork

Equipment vendor and third party testwork can be arranged on site during pilot programmes to provide equipment specification data based on live pilot samples.  Core can manage full engagement with vendor technical teams on behalf of the client. Core has established vendor relationships with all major equipment vendors.