Column Leach Testing Column Leach Testing
Core has extensive experience in heap leach amenability programmes, including ore characterisation, reagent consumption tests, agglomeration, screening tests, intermittent agitation rolling bottle leach test and column leach tests. For heap leaching projects Core can process the emerging PLS via SX to generate raffinate solution and therefore leach the ore in a closed circuit configuration if required.

Our Equipment

Column leach equipment available includes 2 m column segments (with various diameters) which can be bolted together to produce 6 m columns. The columns can be kept at constant temperature using hot water jackets and aerated by the application of low pressure air lines. Equipment for column residue characterisation along the lines of compressive load testing is also available.

Selected project experience:

Mt Dore Copper Project, Ivanhoe Mines, Queensland
NORNICO Nickel Project, Metallica Minerals, Queensland
Black Star Zinc Project, Xstrata Zinc, North Queensland
Cyanide Column Leach Test, BCD Resources, Tasmania
Copper Project, Private Client, Indonesia
Copper Project, Private Client, Thailand

Available facilities and equipment include:

  • 150 mm diameter, 1800 mm high leach columns with all necessary facilities
  • 300 mm diameter, 3000 mm high leach columns and feed pumps
  • A fully insulated constant temperature room with a dedicated DCS to allow precise control of column temperature from ambient to 65 ºC
  • Insulated and heated leach columns
  • Bacterial counting and imaging equipment
  • ICP-OES and AAS spectrometers for in house analyses and monitoring of leach liquors