Solvent Extraction Solvent Extraction
A broad range of solvent extraction test programmes can be carried out at Core. Core Group’s experience and capabilities include simple bench-top studies involving ‘shake out tests’ through to operation of SX pilot plants of various sizes and levels of complexity.

Our Equipment

Further scale up beyond the automated SX pilot unit is possible using a third plant which features 5 x 18 L mixers and 110 L settlers. The plant contains less automated features than the automated unit and is better suited for small production style campaigns relating to more robust processes.

Solvent extraction can also be added to other leaching pilots for closed loop circuits. Crystallisation and/or precipitation of loaded strip liquors can also be bolted on the back end of SX testwork/pilots.

Selected project experience:

Scandium SX Pilot Plant, Metallica Minerals, North Queensland
Mt Dore Copper Project, Ivanhoe Mines, Northwest Queensland
Copper Extraction, Copper Co, Lady Annie Mine, Northwest Queensland
Arsenic Precipitation and Fixation, Xstrata Copper, Mt Isa

Equipment and facilities available for

laboratory and pilot scale testing include:

Bell unit mini-pilot plant SX unit

  • Features 8 units, each consisting of a 200 mL mixer and 1 L settler
  • Typical feed throughputs for the mini pilot are 0.5 to 2 L/h

Automated SX pilot unit

  • Comprises 9 mixer-settlers with 16 L mixers, 4 with 10 L secondary mixers and  50 L settlers
  • Mixer features include variable speed agitators and height adjustment on all impellers
  • Features include picket fences on all units, solution recycle capabilities, visual aqueous-organic interfaces and a variable settler area
  • Capable of treating 0.5 to 4 L/min of feed liquor
  • Fitted with central process control systems including emergency shut-down
  • Suitable for fully continuous solvent extraction processes and pilot scale testwork