Analytical Services Analytical Services
Core Group operates a well-equipped commercial analytical laboratory (trading ashrlanalytical) that provides outstanding analytical and assay services to clients in the mining, environmental, chemical and process industries.hrlanalytical’s services are suited to situations requiring high sample volume analysis, high accuracy and precision, short turn-around times or problematic samples requiring method development work.

Our Packages

The division has an extensive library of methods ranging from sample preparation through to chemical analysis.

The most common analytical packages requested by our clients include multi-element analysis featuring different partial and total digestion methods and instrumental analysis, small to medium scale cyanide LeachWell tests for gold and silver leaching from solid and loaded carbon samples, and a variety of speciation procedures (Copper, Sulphur, Carbon, Arsenic, Chromium and Iron).

In addition to the range of analytical packages, method development chemists at hrlanalytical are also available for consulting to assist with in-house problems such as method validation, instrument performance monitoring and skills training.

Analytical capabilities include:

  • Multi-element analysis
  • Gold analysis of solid, solution and loaded carbon
  • Classic wet chemistry techniques, e.g., titrations
  • Speciation (sulphur, carbon, arsenic and copper)
  • Leach and digest (multi-acid, cyanide, carbonate fusion, ammonium acetate)
  • Environmental samples (soil and water) tests (e.g., dissolved metals/minerals, mercury
  • pH, total dissolved/suspended solid, microbial activity, % moisture, cyanide levels)

Core operates the following analytical instrumentation:

  • Simultaneous ICP-OES spectrometers
  • Sequential ICP-OES spectrometer
  • AAS spectrometer
  • LECO C/S analyser
  • HPLC
  • WD-XRF
  • Laser diffraction particle size analyser
  • Fluorescence microscope