Core Webinar Series – Unlocking the Value from High Arsenic Concentrates

Core Webinar Series – Unlocking the Value from High Arsenic Concentrates

Core Resources invites you to attend the second in a series of technical webinars that provide practical and innovative technical solutions for minerals processing and hydrometallurgical projects at every stage of development. The topic for the second webinar is unlocking the value of high arsenic copper projects using the Toowong Process.

The Toowong Process – Unlocking the Value from High Arsenic Copper Projects
Increasing arsenic grades in copper concentrates and precious metal concentrates is an issue of global significance. With growing environmental pressures at smelters, penalties for arsenic in copper concentrates continue to rise accompanied by lower reject limits. There is a strong incentive for miners to investigate alternative means to remove arsenic and penalty elements to valorise their ores and concentrates.

The Toowong Process is a proprietary technology that selectively removes arsenic, antimony, mercury and other penalty elements from base metal and precious metal concentrates. The product from the Toowong Process is a premium “clean” concentrate that can be marketed to conventional smelters without incurring penalty fees.

Selective beneficiation is a promising new method of separating arsenic bearing copper sulphides from other copper minerals to produce two concentrates; a high As-low Cu concentrate, and a low As-high Cu concentrate. Selective beneficiation provides synergies with the Toowong Process that result in significant cost savings.

This webinar discusses the global problem of arsenic contamination in complex ores and concentrates, how the Toowong Process technology can change the way arsenic is managed in the mining industry, and the economic advantages the technology brings to the business of dirty concentrates.

About the presenters:

Lachlan MacDonald is the Toowong Process Technology Manager. Lachlan has led Core’s development of the Toowong Process technology through the phases of conceptual flowsheet development, pilot plant validation testing, engineering and feasibility studies, and commercialisation.

Maedeh Tayebi-Khorami is a specialist in selective flotation with a PhD in enargite separation from other copper sulphides. Maedeh has over 13 years of experience in the mining industry from engineering to plant operations and consulting. She has a B.Sc. in mining engineering and a M.Sc. and PhD in mineral processing (flotation). Her experience spans all project stages from testwork management, concept-level designs, feasibility through to trade-off study, operation and optimisation.

The webinar will be held on Thursday the 24th September at 4pm AEST (Brisbane).

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