Method Development Method Development

The analytical laboratory at Core has a team of experienced professional chemists, all with postgraduate qualifications, who work with the laboratory manager in method development. Historically method development, for both internal and external clients, has been at the centre of the laboratory’s work.

Our Laboratory

The laboratory has a full range of equipment required for method development for mineral processes. These include ICP-OES, HPLC, LECO Carbon-Sulphur analyser, Laser Sizer, XRF (bench-scale), classic wet chemistry equipment and a suite of sample preparation instruments.

Our method development chemists are also available for consulting on site, and can assist with method validation, instrument performance monitoring, skills training or any other aspects of management and performance of an on-site assay laboratory. Please contact Core for more information.

Some recent method development work includes:

    • arsenic and sulphur speciation in an exceptionally complex aqueous matrix
    • a HPLC method for F analysis that overcomes the interferences of the ISE method (see here)
    • sulphur speciation for complex oxidised products
    • a test method for hydroxyl ions in a multi-component aqueous solution.