Analytical Services Analytical Services

Core’s analytical laboratory provides expert analytical services to our metallurgical programmes, and to all our external clients.

Assay Services for Metallurgical Testwork Programmes

Core’s assay laboratory provides superior quality assay services to support the company’s metallurgical testwork programmes. Operation of the assay laboratory internally enables Core to provide faster turnaround of metallurgical programmes.

Core’s assay laboratory provides a higher quality of service. Reference materials, duplicate analyses, method validation and other quality assurance/quality control processes are central to the laboratory’s activities. Most staff are chemistry graduates, many with postgraduate qualifications.

Sample Types

Hrltesting routinely analyses a large array of sample types. These include but not limited to:

  • Iron ores
  • Copper ores
  • Lead ores
  • Zinc ores
  • Nickel ores
  • Precious metal ores
  • Phosphate rock
  • Metallurgical products
  • Waters for industrial and steam-raising purposes
  • Sewage
  • Trade wastes
  • Saline waters
  • Ground waters
  • Process waters and filtrates from mineral processing plants
  • Solid wastes
  • Leachate procedures

Assay Services for Metallurgical Pilot Plants

Pilot plants conducted at Core have specific requirements for fast turn-around of high volumes of samples. The analytical laboratory operates on a 24 hour basis during pilot plants, and provides turnaround times of less than an hour for specific analyses.

Environmental Services

Core’s assay laboratory provides a number of environmental analyses, designed to support operations in their environmental monitoring programmes.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements for assays of environmental samples.